Me-Ality understands that today’s uniform needs are just as diverse and complex as the employees who wear them. Whether you require your employees to work directly with clients or behind the scenes, Me-Ality goes beyond the “one size fits all” approach to find the right fit for every employee.

Our on-location and online-based fit solutions offer the most efficient and accurate way for your employees to find the best fit that optimizes their performance and safety, while accommodating the size and geographical scope of your workforce.

Whether your employees require ready-to-wear or made-to-wear apparel, we have helped manufacturers and suppliers optimize the fit for a wide range of uniform apparel:

In addition to uniform sizing, Me-Ality’s Data Insights offer the analytics and aggregate body data required to:

  • Refine manufacturing specifications and improve the overall fit for a desired garment size and/or population sub-set. 
  • Determine current body trends and fit patterns for future manufacturing consideration.