Me-Ality's cloud-based fit solution allow users to create a MeID profile online and receive on-demand size recommendations at the click of a button. Delivered as an API, Me-Ality's online fit solution allow you to seamlessly integrate our service directly on your website and save MeID profile information to existing customer accounts.

MeID Sizing Application

4 Simple Measurements, 1 Amazing Fit   |  Request a Demo

  • Calculates a full MeID profile using just 4 simple body measurements and a few pieces of basic information.
  • Optional video tutorials accompany the MeID creation process - live video, animation, or client-produced content.
  • A browser-based web solution that easily integrates into existing e-shop platforms and administration systems.
  • Features a non-intrusive web overlay, highlighting user-specific product recommendations for a personalized shopping experience.
  • Sizing service available on-demand (per product) or as a user-selected filter setting (sort by best fit).